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Exclusive Access

Monitored 24 hours/365 days a year

Privileged zone

Excellent communication

25000 m2 of parking

Over 200 vehicles

Rest Area

Internet, fax and showers ...

Placed together with Aldaya, in Valencia, concretly in the road Plà de quart 25, we are located in a privileged zone of unsurpassable communication, with access to the railcars and principal highways for his better access and comfort.

Franmicar parking slpossesses an extensive experience in the sector of the parking for industrial vehicles, offering his services to transport’s professionals, and possessing clients of the height of Lanutti or FCC, between others.

We possess a great zone conditioned to the parking of approximately 25000 m2 capacity for more than 200 industrial vehicles or tourisms. Besides, the parking is fence in its entirety with exclusive access for the subscribers , and monitored them 24 hours of the day, 365 days of the year, by security’s cameras. Also we possess an important insurance coverage for his vehicle.

Likewise, we offer a small area of rest for the subscribers of the parking, in which they count with wifi, vending’s machines and shower’s service for those clients who request it.

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